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Leadership Transformation Ministries

taking seminary-lite to the frontlines

Leadership Transformation Ministries (LeT) is an indigenous and non-denominational evangelical ministry that strengthens the church by taking the only customized theological and leadership training to the front-line church leaders in Ethiopia. LeT equips local church pastors with emphasis on untrained rural pastors, young emerging leaders, and city church and para-church leaders. We invest in God's people and God's church. Since 2013 LeT has been able to reduce the ratio of untrained church ministers by 11%.

LeT is well-connected to the local churches and local believers at the grassroots level. The ministry of LeT is the ministry of multiplication with prodigious ripple effect all the way from national leaders of churches to every individual member of a local church. LeT has developed training curriculum and effective strategies that have been piloted and tested for 8 years. The ministry of LeT is embraced by 34 church denominations and currently LeT has been able to mobilize and train 222 volunteer trainers for its various programs. LeT's nationwide customized training has enhanced the evangelicals' trained human capital by 11%. LeT's goal in this regard is to make the ratio of trained church ministers 100% by 2020. Precisely, LeT's passion is to see the church unstoppable (Matthew 16:18). Taking seminary-lite to the front-lines is the face of LeT in the crowd. LeT is a ministry without a hedge but with a sharp focus on its area of calling.

The ministry of LeT is all from God, through God's Power, and for God's glory (Rom. 11:36).

Please, come and join us as we partner with God at the most seasonable moment in time in the golden history of the Ethiopian church.


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